Monday, October 25, 2010

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge

I went looking for a view to see the whole bridge, but couldn't find a good vantage point on El Camino del Mar. There were places that once had a view, but trees now block sight lines. This is a typical tourist shot, but I was playing tourist that weekend.

I liked this view of the west tower with Treasure Island in the background and a hint of the East Bay hills to the left of the tower. This was my view on the way home from work for eight years. I never tire of seeing it.

The evening before I had been shooting in low light and I forgot to change my ISO back. Therefore this image was shot at ISO 1600. It has a bit of noise, but as an iconic image it works. I have not saturated any colors, but I did reduce the gamma to take out the haze. It was a beautiful day.

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  1. I like all the sailboats in it. Iconic photos are fun.It's a good well composed and exposed image. I like seeing only a portion of the bridge. it makes you imagine the rest. We were down in the city on Sat. for the opera.