Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dolphins at Sunset

Dolphins at Sunset

Four dolphins frolic in the surf off Carmel Beach at sunset. Dolphins had been spotted all day off the coast. The sky was clear with optimum conditions for viewing the sunset. Spectators filled the beach awaiting the the sunset. As the sun sunk lower in the sky a hush came over the crowd.
Sunset on the Pacific

As the last sliver of sun disappeared below the horizon, applause broke out among the crowd.

The End

 Photos taken with an EOS 40D on a tripod. ISO 400, aperture priority f 14, shutter speed automatic. 
70-300 zoom lens.


  1. Very cool to see the dolphins Stacey!

  2. The dolphins were a bonus for the trip. Unfortunately, they did not stick around until Monday. Would have loved to have seen them again before leaving this morning.