Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Willits Frontier Days Part 2

Willits Frontier Days Rodeo was the Fourth of July weekend. The rodeo runs during the Fourth of July every year.

Rodeo. It dwells deep in psyche of the cowboy, young boys grow up watching their big brothers, fathers, uncles, cousins, neighbors, and wish to emulate them in the ring.

In small towns across the West, the rodeo is a family affair. Small boys often get their start riding sheep. They move up to calves. By the time they are old enough to join the California High School Rodeo Association (CHSRA), they will graduate to bulls.

These two adorable boys took turns being the bull between events.

For more information: CHRSA , Willits Frontier Days

These photos were taken with a Canon EOS 40D, flash. Exposure 1/60s at f/4. ISO 400. Focal length 68mm "Boys on Fence" and 28mm "Boys Playing Bull Rider."

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