Monday, July 19, 2010

Willits Frontier Days part 1

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Willits Frontier Days-4th of July
Dust, bulls, horses, and cowboys are the mainstay of every rodeo. And, Willits rodeo is no exception.

The young man in this image is called E.P., 23 years old, and he hails from Laytonville 22 miles north of Willits. E.P. went flying, but thankfully he was not hurt. This was a purely lucky shot. I normally do not shoot the cowboys once the chute opens. This day, the chute opened, the bull twisted, E.P. lost his seat, but his hand was still tied to the bull. A collective gasp went through the spectators, they all know that this can be dangerous if the hand does not come free with his outward momentum, the cowboy will then swing under the bull where he can be trampled. Fortunately, E.P. pulled free, a little disappointed, but still ambulatory.

Photo taken with Canon EOS 40D with a borrowed Canon 16mm-135mm wide angle zoom lens. Exposure 1/200s at f/5.6 with a bias value of -0.33. ISO 100. Focal length

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