Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sea Ranch

Sunset at Sea Ranch
Approximately ten miles south of the Mendocino County line in Sonoma County is the Sea Ranch enclave. Gray weathered buildings with angular architecture are arranged strategically across the landscape. This is a private community of vacation rentals and year round residences. Passes must be visible on vehicles or carried on your person, lest you be stopped.

The Writing Group with four footed friends
I was meeting my writing group for a weekend retreat where we could focus on our skills, give feedback and support each other without the trappings of daily life interrupting us. Cell service was limited or more exactly, service if you had Verizon or US Cellular, and no service if your carrier is AT&T.

Arriving late, I pulled off the highway into Sea Ranch and stopped to pull out my directions. Within a minute a young security officer pulled up to see what I was doing there. He was very kind and escorted me to my destination. I was impressed with the security.

The Deck
Sitting in the beautiful rental house with large picture windows, high ceilings, and a lovely deck complete with hot tub, I was at peace.  Winds kicked up in the afternoon and churned the surf, however our little slice of heaven was calm. Just a slight breeze on the deck.

Ocean View
Sea Ranch, like the rest of the Northern California coast is beautiful. When I wasn't writing, I was out with my cameras. I carried my Canon G9, Canon 40D and my handy cell phone.

You can drive to Sea Ranch on California Hwy 1. From the south take Hwy 101 north to Santa Rosa and cross over to the coast on River Road. Go north on Hwy 1 from Jenner.

From the north take Hwy 101 south to Willits and cross over to the coast on Hwy 20 to Ft. Bragg and go south on Hwy 1.

Morning light
Window view

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