Sunday, March 13, 2011


Winter Wings Festival 2011
Coyotes on the hunt
Two fellow photographers and I attended the Winter Wings Festival based in Klamath Falls. As indicated by the title this is a birding event. However, the highlight of my trip was coyotes. Having no sense of distance, I cannot say how far away they were. However, I could not even see them with the naked eye and was barely able to locate them through my 300mm lens. On our tour we had access to an 800mm lens. These images were taken with that lens on my 40D.
Lying in wait

At the end of the day that revealed very little bird photo ops, I was still going on about the coyotes. The birders thought I was crazy. But, those who know me, know my passion for all things dog family, from the majestic wolf on down to man's best friend.

If you decide to attend Winter Wings nest year, dress warmly for the snowy landscape. I learned the meaning of cold. Invest in a good pair of insulated boots, gloves, hat and bring packets of hand and foot warmers.


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  1. Very cool. I really would like to try out that lens!

  2. The lens was very cool. Didn't realize that you could rent one for the weekend. If I go next year, that is exactly what I will do.